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Oneness stems from the Buddhist concept of the world and its every living being united as a single interconnected organism, wherein each individual is a part of the greater whole. Faou Foundation is a non-profit organization that relies on a variety of funding sources. In order to sustain its activities around the globe, Faou maintains a group of funders – both individuals and organizations – that together form the Friends of Faou. The generosity, enthusiasm and loyalty of these donors is in many respects what keeps Faou going, and we forever remain indebted to the existing and growing members who comprise Friends of Faou.

There are many ways people can become a Friend of Faou, and in so doing, help increase the public’s awareness of our planet’s natural treasures and to promote earth-consciousness. To become a Friend, please contact us at our New York office, via telephone or email, or on Facebook



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Please contact Executive Director Dena Muller to learn how to support Faou Foundation.