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A key component of Faou’s process is the careful identification of a host site for each public artwork. The attributes of the host community are an important consideration in the development of the project. By including community members in the creation, installation and activation of the artwork, Faou forms and cultivates strong connections within local host communities.


Evaluation Committee for Sun Pillar production and installation (2011)

Committee Members

Eizo Eiza
Marine engineering, environmental construction engineering, University of the Ryukyus

Adaniya Masahide
Director of Continued learning department, Education committee of Miyako Island

Masayuki Uehara
President of Karimata community association

Fumio Nanjo
Director of Mori Art Museum

Yuko Hasegawa
Chief curator of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

Mariko Mori
Artist, President of Faou Foundation

Yumi Nawa
President of Nawayumi design office

Naoki Onaga
Associate Director of Okinawa prefectural Museum of Art

Takahide Oroku
Director of Miyakojima fishery union

Toshihiko Shimoji
Mayor of Miyako Island

Masami Shiraishi

Kazunori Tachihara
Marine science department, University of the Ryukyus