BRazil Programs 

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In conjunction with Ring: One With Nature, Faou is collaborating with several Brazilian organizations dedicated to art, culture and the environment to create a series of programs that coinside with Ring at its site, Véu da Novia in Cunhambebe State Park, the city of Mangaratiba, not far from Rio de Janeiro. Faou programs in Brazil share the ideas and vision for Faou Foundation with local youth and the host community.



MAR – (Museu de Arte Dorioa) public space for emancipation through art, culture and education presenting exhibitions and activities that contribute to mobilisation and social inclusion. The continually expanding collection is a legacy to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and to the country.

INHOTIM - (Instituto Inhotima) unique place, with one of the most significant collections of contemporary art in the world and a botanical collection containing rare species from every continent. The collections are used as tools for the development of educational and social activities involving various age groups. Inhotim, a Public Interest Civil Society Organization (OSCIP) has also constructed various areas for interaction with the surrounding communities. 

INEA - (Instituto Edsadual do Ambiente) protects, conserves and recovers the environmental heritage of the State of Rio de Janeiro in order to promote sustainable development and play a strategic role in the development of the State.